What would I say?

I could not stop doing these What Would I Say things, but I wanted to stop posting them on facebook.

  • Cheeseburger update ALL
  •  That is always the right amount of balls.
  • Baby marmoset on mama marmoset on mama marmoset on sloth belly
  • Police in riot gear on my belly! 
  • False alarm, dudes. let’s combine pizza
  • My paper was about fainting goat kittens
  • Yet another cat comfortably on board 
  • Is this what therapy is like?
  • Alright! The Crazy Heart pumps purple piss for you
  • went domino crazy last grade for Jazz who passed away on Sunday.
  • This means I’m mailing squirrels to hiring managers
  • Poly watching Pootie Tang.
  • Mini MerryGoRound Massacre
  •  OH MAN Obama is suddenly in the bar.
  • A lot of lady
  • eBay people where is Selena these days?
  • Hey, who loves his flower!
  • Orby and Poly retired to my lovely dining cart.
  • My paper was a pork bun
  •  Marlee Matlin is pretty gross and Poly is having a serious disease dies
  • This means I’m proud to be melodramatic
  • Charles Bradley is hanging around, throwing snowballs, sitting alone
  • Spindle is the most incredible
  • Never stop being Erin J Mahoney



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