Ask Erin



Dear Erin,

I have a dear friend who has a major problem. This friend, let’s call him Frazz, insists that everyone call him Frazz – what the heck? I just can’t do it.

Just kidding, that’s not Frazz’s problem – Frazz’s problem is that he is deathly scared of pickles, so much so that he refuses to visit my house because I’m more normal and have pickles everywhere. I love the guy and greatly enjoy spending time with him, but I’m sick of having to meet up at his parents’ house or at the local Dairy Queen. It just doesn’t seem fair. What do I do?




Dear Frazzled,

Thanks for taking the time to write to me despite what must be a very busy schedule. It sounds like Frazz needs some tough love. Tell your buddy that pickles are great and that he needs to face the fact or face losing everyone he loves. Sometimes life is rough like that, but it’s not your fault and it’s definitely not the fault of pickles.



One thought on “Ask Erin

  1. Dear Frazzled,

    I’m really disappointed in my trivia team. They stink on ice. They’re either not there or they’re there and they’re getting questions wrong. What can I do?

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