Update on what-in-the-hell

I know I haven’t posted in a long time – I have been quite busy for someone who is unemployed. I have had two responsibilities while being unemployed:

1. Find a way to pay bills while unemployed. This led to The Big Sofa Cover Project 2010. I took out all the sofa covers from the sofa cover room, organized them in the living room – which they absolutely filled! – and then slowly put them back into the sofa cover room in an organized, itemized, inventoried system. In order for me to do so, Tara was kind enough to create a database for me, so I know exactly how many of what I have. I then spruced up my eBay account, started regularly posting on Craigslist, and created a web site – http://sofasogoodslipcovers.blogspot.com – and I basically became a regular, run of the mill, slipcover saleslady.

2. Become un-unemployed. I just recently accomplished this, and am scheduled to begin training tomorrow in a sweet work-from-home job. I am too excited about this to really talk about it – I wholeheartedly believe in jinxes.
So that’s what I’ve been up to, and while you might think I would have more time to create stuff while unemployed, that has proven inaccurate. I hope that once things become more regular, I’ll have more time to doodle and write – I have a few ideas I’ve been cooking up, and would like to finally follow through with them.


In the mean time, I wanted to post a couple neat images I found around the internet. I know these have floated around a bit, but I really appreciate how neat these artistic interpretations of movie images are.




I truly, from the bottom of my heart, hope that your life is fantastic.