Tennis & Robin Hood & Love

So I was listening to Tennis the other day – they are my favorite summer-time band right now – and this song came on:

And the beginning sounded familiar. After a little listen, I realized it sounded like this song from Robin Hood:

And then I realized the Tennis song is titled “Robin.”


I just thought this was neat.


A new mix in honor of a big occasion

After an incredibly difficult period, some major disappointment and necessary distance, the lady I love is moving back in with me, and in honor of that occasion and what we’ve been through, I made this mix. When I “proposed” to Tara, it wasn’t very romantic. I didn’t have a ring; we weren’t at a fancy restaurant; I didn’t get on one knee. I merely suggested that, since we were going to be together forever anyway, maybe we should get the legal benefits. We’ve been through a lot together, and needed to go through a lot separately for a while, but the feeling remains – I love her, and she loves me too. We’ve both gained some perspective during this time, and have learned how to live as individuals. It just so happens that, while some independence will always be necessary, we prefer to go through life together, and I look forward to doing so in our non-traditional, unpredictable way.

So this is for Tara, a little ball of a woman, my darlin’ dear, the Booth to my Bones, my little C.C.H. Pounder.

Don’t take it too literally, if you take it all. 🙂

A Sad Song In My Sweet Heart


I made a new mixed CD I thought I’d share with everyone.  Here is the link – my apologies for not knowing how to make it a zip file: Overmisunderstood

I was going to save it until I posted a story I’m working on, so you’d have to listen and read at the same time. As it turns out, however, the story is going to be so short that you’d only get through a song or two before you finihed reading it, so it didn’t quite make sense. In its stead, here is a drawing I did that goes along with the story.

And here’s a link to that other mix I made a while back that I gave to most everyone, just in case you’re interested: I and Love and You