Truth in science

This was drawn by the grand gentleman James Park. The best part of this comic is that we made it once we took over as the heads of the newspaper, and printed it during the SARS outbreak during summer. Unfortunately, the text at the bottom didn’t get printed for some reason, so it was just a sad picture with the title “The real reason all the cavemen died.” What leadership!

We later printed the complete comic, to much fanfare and critical praise.


God bless God

Hi everyone. I’ve started a blog. To begin with, I’m posting some old comics I did for fun, which I put into the Highlander by abusing my powers there.  Most are collaborations with amazing people. This first batch includes the incredible artist and lady Caitlin Azzari!  I’d like to do more of these with her soon, if she’s willing.

by Erin Mahoney and Caitlin Azzari

by Caitlin Azzari and Erin Mahoney

by Caitlin Azzari and Erin Mahoney

More to come soon, as I will use this as a means of procrastinating while I have papers due this week.