Will you be my Valentine?

I’ve known you for so long now, I feel you imprinting on my memories. You’re in the bushes on the Easter I had chicken pocks and couldn’t search for eggs. You’re guiltily giggling at me as I am the only little kid putting in fake teeth to eat dinner. You’re grimacing with me as I do my physical therapy, my tiny legs shaking with pain, in the living room of my childhood home.

And I find myself in your stories, rooting for you as you escape from a menacing goat. I’m behind a telephone pole the day you sprained your ankle on a trampoline. I’m blending into the landscape when you’re sulking around Grand Canyon, too mad about not getting candy to care about the massive chasm in the ground beside you.

These memories converge and overlap, like double exposures kept for humor’s sake. They see a future lifetime shared and buckle from exclusion. They refuse separation. They hug close together and bleed through, superimposing and impressing on each other until the mingling is complete and irreversible.

I’m there the night we met, looking over my own shoulder at you, seeing all the things I don’t remember and finding details I’d hate to forget. At that moment I love you doubly, as I do today, as I will forever.

(Bill + Viet)x=<3

Bill posted a really nice drawing of him and Viet which is quite adorable. The LA artist Nan Lawson made it – pretty neat, eh?

Then I had the idea that I could add to it, but didn’t want to insult the artist, because I really do love it! But I just couldn’t stand by and let Bill and Viet be so dang cute, could I?

And then I went cuckoo bananas

A new mix in honor of a big occasion

After an incredibly difficult period, some major disappointment and necessary distance, the lady I love is moving back in with me, and in honor of that occasion and what we’ve been through, I made this mix. When I “proposed” to Tara, it wasn’t very romantic. I didn’t have a ring; we weren’t at a fancy restaurant; I didn’t get on one knee. I merely suggested that, since we were going to be together forever anyway, maybe we should get the legal benefits. We’ve been through a lot together, and needed to go through a lot separately for a while, but the feeling remains – I love her, and she loves me too. We’ve both gained some perspective during this time, and have learned how to live as individuals. It just so happens that, while some independence will always be necessary, we prefer to go through life together, and I look forward to doing so in our non-traditional, unpredictable way.

So this is for Tara, a little ball of a woman, my darlin’ dear, the Booth to my Bones, my little C.C.H. Pounder.

Don’t take it too literally, if you take it all. 🙂

A Sad Song In My Sweet Heart