In the Dark

I have been so happy with the amount of creativity flowing through my group of friends lately. It has really been inspirational, especially seeing and hearing what Tara has been coming up with musically with Zuhair. Hearing her play, and doing it so well, and seeing how happy  it has made her Рin addition to Joe writing his short stories and Kelly&Ben starting their blog, and Zuhair learning the ukulele so effortlessly, and Caitlin making awesome stop-motion stuff, plus the resident artists, photographers, and geniuses all around us- really kind of snapped me out of a trance. I really enjoy writing. I am self-conscious about it, but the fun it provides definitely outweighs my insecurities.

I guess it’s been a few weeks since I finished the first real short story I’ve written in a long time. For Valentine’s Day, I made Tara a book-form of it, which I now scanned and would like to share with everybody [with her consent]. I’m so excited that we’re all pushing ourselves creatively, and I’ve been so impressed by what I’ve seen from everyone. Keep it up!